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Hi, I'm Rachel!


 I’m a busy mom of two young boys and one sweet angel boy.  You will typically find me taking kids to practice, at the barre, sneaking in a date with my husband (yes he is organized too), or enjoying a cosmo with my girlfriends. I love even numbers and recycling, and loathe original packaging and paper.  If I am home, I am likely organizing in one way or another . . . or thinking about my next project to tackle!

I started organizing at a young age when my friends parents would pay me to clean their rooms - yes, really!  Organizing is my passion.  It is my gift.  It is my talent.  It is my stress-reliever.  I am detail-oriented and strive to understand exactly what my clients are looking for.  I thrive on a good challenge and love to get creative and think outside the box.  I am always trying to be more efficient at whatever it is that I am doing . . . and I truly cannot wait to help you live the simple life!






Hi hi! My name is Caitlyn.  I am married to my wonderful husband, Nathan.  It brings me so much joy to be with people, helping in any way I can.  I enjoy organizing, not just for the peace that it brings me, but most importantly for the relational aspect of connecting with others.  When I am not working with TSL you can find me managing the staff at a local Gymnastics Center or hanging out with my 11 nieces and nephews!  I look forward to tackling tons more projects with the TSL team!




Hi, my name is Ally! I love to create beautiful, functional spaces. My passion for organizing came from a very young age and has always been a big part of my life. I get excited about helping others experience the same appreciation for organizing that I have. I also love to spend my time with my friends and family. My hobbies include shopping, water sports, and watching crime shows.




I’m Sam! My background is in entrepreneurship, and I have a Bachelors in Business Management with a focus in Marketing. Creating structure is the key to freedom (thank you, James Clear), and professional organizing takes it to a whole new level. Very excited for the opportunity to experience everyone discovering their new freedom! Just shortly after completing my surrogacy journey for our friends, I’m eating for two again, but this time Baby is ours! Until February, you’ll find me in my spare hours reading, crocheting amigurumi, writing, and making resin and crystal art installations.




Hi, I’m Jenn!  Before TSL I traded in a corporate supply chain career to be a stay at home mom of three children.  Not long after, I saw this opportunity and couldn’t believe how perfectly it blended my past experiences and passions. I love that I get to give back to other working moms/families who don’t have the time or know how to stay organized (like my former self).  When I’m not working or chauffeuring my kids around to all of their activities I enjoy various forms of exercise (running, yoga, cycling, boxing), traveling and golfing with my husband.




Hi, I'm Laura!  I am married to my husband Chad and we have two beautiful kids who are 11 and 7, and our newest addition our 1 year old mini golden doodle.  They keep us busy, but we love every minute of it. I feel so blessed to have found TSL and be able to call it my job!  I love helping people and I have a passion for organizing and simplifying life.  A few of my hobbies include crafting, gardening and exploring nature.




Hi, I'm Heather!  I'm a Graphic Designer, wife, stay-at-home mama of two littles, homebody and minimalist.  Jesus and coffee keep me going! My hubby and I packed up our lives in Michigan and moved to Indy in July of 2018. When I'm not designing or managing a photography business, you can generally find me cleaning and organizing anything and everything!




I’m a stickler for an expertly organized home, passionate about tacos and margaritas, and will always photograph you in the most flattering light.  I reside in Greenwood, IN with my husband, our three handsome boys, and a blue-eyed Husky we call Skye.  I am fluent in sarcasm, a friend to everyone, and (most importantly) can’t wait to help you get organized!

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Hello, I'm Brittany!  I grew up in the Indianapolis area and recently moved in with my boyfriend, Ryan.  We are working on making a home together and he's embracing my need to organize all things.  Creating systems that we can both maintain and upkeep.  When not working, I love exploring my new neighborhood and getting to spend time with family (especially if my dad is cooking).  I'm so excited to be joining the TSL team and putting my passion into good use for others.




Hi, my name is Jaime.  I am happily married with 3 teenagers.  I have been organizing, labeling, coming up with solutions to hard spots since I was little.  I was a pharma rep for 12 years, then a stay at home mom.  I'm very excited to help people make their spaces pretty and functional and am very excited to work doing something I enjoy.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, reading, and any kind of puzzle.




Hi there!  My name is Christine.  I am married to Michael and have two daughters.  What I love about organizing is the instant gratification of creating a beautiful space and the calm that comes from it.  when I'm not busy with TSL you can find me working as a dental hygienist or teaching barre class.  My hobbies include trying new restaurants, being with friends, and watching crime tv.  So happy to be a part of the TSL team!




Hi, I am Emily!  I am a professional photographer on the southside of Indy who also happens to love organizing.  It truly brings me joy when I can use my skills to help an overwhelmed client feel better about their space.  When I am not taking pictures or organizing, I enjoy spending time with my golden retriever, Hunter, spending time on Sweetwater Lake, and working out!  I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with this great company!

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