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Labeling is one of the final steps in the organizing + styling process and makes the world of a difference in any and every space!  No matter what project you are working on, labels are key to functionality and beauty.  Our custom-made labels allow you to get creative and take personalization to a whole new level.


Dimensions vary based on the label product you choose.

  • 2.5-3.5"w x 1"h
  • 3-5"w x 1-1.5"h (choose this size for bin clips)
  • 5-7"w x 1-1.5"h
  • Wash Your Hands (total dimensions 2.25"w x 2.5"h)



Choose one of our sets and customize accordingly.  You can list all of your labels in the box provided.  If you would like to order more than one color, simply type: "white" and list the labels after your desired color.



  • Labels MUST be used within two weeks of receiving them. 
  • 1 label is one name - you can have up to 3 words per label (e.g. self-rising flour)
  • Measure your jars and containers accurately prior to ordering the labels.
  • All letters of each word are in LOWER CASE unless stated otherwise. 
  • Instructions on how to apply vinyl will be sent with your order.  Please read carefully before applying labels. 
  • Labels not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.


Our classic labels are made of semi-permanent vinyl and are die-cut which means there is no clear backing to the label, giving you that painted look.  Each label is made to order.  Once the machine cuts your label, the excess vinyl is weeded out of the decal by hand, then covered with top application tape that is used for you to install the decal onto your surface.


If you have any questions before placing your order, please contact us at

Classic Labels

Label Color
  • Because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective, we cannot accept returns or exchanges at this time.  


    ORDERS ARE FINAL.  We do not accept cancellations or changes to your order, so please make sure you are ready to purchase before submitting your order.

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