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Green Smoothies

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I get questions about my smoothies every single week so I thought it was time to finally write a blog post about my infamous green smoothies!

I started making smoothies several years ago and made it a habit for our daily routine. Yes, we have them 7 days a week! Please note, these are not a meal replacement for us, they are a snack. We eat oatmeal for breakfast (Monday-Saturday), I make a special breakfast on Sundays and we typically have the smoothies for a mid-morning snack to power us through our day.

I’ve used this recipe for years, making modifications along the way to best suit my changing and growing family. I love the taste of them, but especially when they're super cold so if I’m not going to drink it right away, I always put it in the fridge. Our boys started drinking them at 6 months old and have literally had them almost every single day of their lives – and they are 4 and 6 now! Having these as our mid-morning snack is our routine and we cannot go a day without them – they fuel our bodies with so much energy!


How to Prep Your Smoothies

I have a gallon reusable bag of each of the following in the freezer:

  • precut fruit mix (usually a mix of bananas, strawberries, pineapple, peaches)

  • pre-chopped greens (usually have a mixture of kale and spinach)

  • protein balls (see recipe below)

  • precut vegetables (usually green beans and snow peas)

I like to purchase whatever fruits are in season and on sale - clean, cut, and freeze them! I typically purchase fresh snow peas and green beans and mix them.

Pro Tip: I clean and cut the greens, veggies, and fruits and lay them out on a tray (each category at different times) in the freezer to freeze before placing in the freezer bag so they don’t freeze as one giant clump – trust me, I’ve learned this trick the hard way! I do the same with the protein balls and actually form them in a patty shape since they freeze and thaw much quicker than a ball!

Note: Don't get discouraged if you do not have time to cut and freeze fresh. There is always the option to purchase prepackaged frozen goods as well. Do what is best for you and your family . . . and what will help your process!

Pro Tip: I also prep a week's worth of smoothie liquids in large mason jars in the fridge. That way, when it's time to prep each morning, the liquid is already measured and ready to pour!

Daily Process

Measure + Pour

Each morning, I measure and pour each of the following ingredients into the blender and pour the liquid over it:

  • 2 cups fruit

  • 1 cup vegetables

  • 2 cups greens

  • 1 protein ball

  • 24 oz liquid (8 oz plant-based milk + 16 oz water in a large mason jar) - We used to use almond milk, but our youngest son has a nut allergy, so we switched to this Plant Protein Milk.

Pro Tip: I get everything in the blender first thing in the morning and let it set for about 30 minutes to an hour before blending.

Blend + Serve

Once you have waited 30 minutes to an hour, blend and pour!

I blend everything in my Nutri Ninja Blender. Since I make them for the four of us, I use the large blender and pour each serving into our own cups. I pour the mister's into a mason jar for him to transfer back over to a large Ninja cup and add even more greens. (He keeps his in the fridge and preps it for the following morning to take with him to work). I pour mine into a mason jar and use my favorite glass straws and I pour the boys into their favorite smoothie cups.

We usually have these as our mid-morning snack and it gets us to lunch time! On school days, our four-year-old has his on the way to preschool and our six-year-old now has his as his afternoon snack when he gets off the school bus. I make these every single day and there is no way we could skip a day...saying my boys are obsessed is an understatement! And if we don’t drink it all at once, we put it back in the fridge for when we're hungry or need a snack later on.

Protein Balls

So what is in a protein ball, you ask? Great question! Again, I have changed these so many times over the years, but here is my current recipe:

Protein balls (makes 50-60 patties)

  • 2 cups steel cut oats

  • 2 cups flaxseed

  • 2 cups vanilla protein powder

  • cinnamon (I don’t measure)

  • 2 jars (16oz) SunButter Natural Sunflower Butter – We used to use almond butter, but due to our son’s nut allergy, we switched to this sunflower spread.

Note: Depending on your ingredients and measurements, you may need to add a LITTLE bit of water, but I highly recommend pouring everything else together first and go from there to get your desired consistency. This batch usually makes approx. 50-60 protein I only make these once every 7-8 weeks!

Pro Tip: I use a 1 tbsp measuring spoon to scoop and work the dough to create the patty shape.


There you go . . . I hope you enjoyed learning more about our fun + clean eating lifestyle! The earlier you start the kiddos, the better! I have tweaked this so many times over the last few years so let me know if you have any questions at all...I’m sure I’ve had the same! The best part about making these smoothies is that you can change it up each and every week. There's no right or wrong way, just play with your recipe to see what tastes best to you! Or better yet, do a taste test with your family to see which one is their favorite!

Oh and the protein balls are soooo yummy for a treat! I always keep a batch of bite sized snacks in the freezer for after we get some exercise and we love them. You can even add chocolate chips on top for a different twist!


Create the Habit

The best way to ensure you are getting your green smoothies in each day is to be consistent with your routine. Set a timer, put it on your calendar, do whatever you have to do to create the habit and make it part of your every day routine! Once you do, you and your family will look forward to your healthy, refreshing drink each day.

Do you have a green smoothie recipe that you love? Have you tried ours? Let us know, we would love to see them!

Remember to take pictures and tag us on Facebook or Instagram @thesimplelifeindy! Can’t wait to see your yummy new healthy treat!

Happy Drinking!


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