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There's no doubt about it . . . 
Your professional organizing skills are something to rave about

You likely got into this industry because you recognized the power of this skill.  It takes a special person to be able to help others see what they can let go of, how to organize the things they love and need, and create systems.

But we only have  so much time in the day, and you know that focusing on your systems and workflow would elevate your business (we're here to dream big, girl!)


Get your business and your in-home projects organized so you can confidently and efficiently take your dream job to the next level.

There's no doubt about it . . . your professional organizing skills are something to rave about!

The Confident Organizer
A membership program for Professional Organizers who want their business to be simple, freedom-inducing, streamlined, and highly profitable.

You want . . .
*The confidence you need to know you can grow beyond where you currently are
*Behind-the-scenes systems that make your business run smooth (and your life easier)
*Organizing best practices from an expert with 10+ years of experience
*Processes that you and your team members can easily implement
*Clarity on how to build a team that expands your vision + serves your clients just like you would on your own
*A profitable, thriving, growth-oriented business that helps people declutter and live simply

I've spent many years and thousands of dollars refining processes and systems that have helped The Simple Life become one of the largest in-home organizing companies in the Midwest.

And now I am bringing you behind the scenes, giving you access to all the goods that will save you years and catapult you to the freedom you wanted when you started this business in the first place!


Join The Confident Organizer Membership and get:
Self-Paced Courses
You'll gain access to modules that help you set up the foundations that allow you to systematize and grow (complete with simple plug and play templates for inventory, project management, and more.
The Confident Organizer Community
Connect with other organizers who share your passion for pretty, functional spaces that make life simple.  This community is one full of inspiration with organizers ready to share their insight and ask questions so that we can all get further together.
Monthly Live Calls
You'll have the opportunity to join my team and I for live calls each month where you'll be able to get questions answered in real time.
*This program is a minimum six month commitment and then you can cancel at any time (but trust me, you won't want to!).

The Confident Organizer is the perfect next step for you if you are:
*In a stage of business that feels a bit stagnant, it's time to shake things up!
*Working to build your team (you know you need to) so that you can get more out of your day.
*A new organizer who's ready to really establish yourself and you want to do it right from the beginning (saving you time AND money)
*Ready to embrace how much this industry is thriving and how you could really take off with the right systems in place

Like we do with our in-home organizing projects, our theme here is to
keep it simple.  We want you to be able to implement what we are giving you and run with it.

Here's what you'll learn:
Module 0: The Simple Life Philosophy
Module 1: Confident Mindset, Brand, and Offers
Module 2: Scalable Business Systems (Inventory, Project Management, and more)
Module 3: Client Management
Module 4: Effectively Marketing your Business
Module 5: Team Management
Module 6: Your next quantum leap

When you have systems and processes in place and the confidence to clearly communicate what you do, the game changes for you.

Your business grows, you experience the freedom you want, your team is fully onboard, and your clients are referring everyone they know to you because you have provided a standout experience for them.

Want to level up your business now?
Registration is officially open for The Confident Organizer!

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