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Playroom Transformation-DIY Virtual Classroom Tutorial

So if you would have asked me on Christmas Day 2019 if I had any upcoming projects in the works, I would have not even had a thought in my mind to change our playroom! I mean, we have been outgrowing it and I’ve wanted to make some changes, but it never crossed my mind that I was going to do it NOW!

And now that we have entered this “interesting” season of life, we are faced with so many unknowns of what the future will hold for our education system. As caretakers, we have to have a plan – our plan today is to create a functional workspace at home for parents and children.

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All the Changes

This room is right off the entrance of our home and is intended to be a home office – which is what it started out being, until we had a crawler . . . peeking in at daddy who couldn’t resist the interruptions. We soon realized this was not going to work for us and switched it from Daddy’s home office to the baby playroom . . . and now young school aged virtual classroom.

My boys are 4 and 6 now and have really moved on from so many things in this room that I knew it was time to make some changes . . . we loved this room so much, but were definitely ready to make it a more functional space for their ages.

These guys just kept on creating in the midst of all of Mom’s craziness in the background! They love to draw and create, and with one in Kindergarten this past school year, I really wanted to give them more desk space for drawing and homework.

I wanted to go big on the desk space since that is what they will be needing and using the most – and couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

I have gotten so many questions on this amazing transformation, so I have created a DIY Virtual Classroom Tutorial just for YOU with all of the steps and products used in this new space! Click HERE to purchase your full DIY Virtual Classroom Tutorial!


What is your favorite part of this transformation? Have you created a space for your virtual learning this year?

We would love to see your virtual classrooms - don't forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @thesimplelifeindy!

Happy Organizing!



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